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Beautiful Story

beautiful things happen with silence 


          Lao Tzu goes for a walk with his friend every morning. One fine morning his friend came with his another friend...the three friends walked together up the hill all silently... The newcomer found this very strange.
    When they reached the top of the hill, the new one said ... "What a beautiful morning ... !!!!"  
    Lao Tzu and his friend gave no answer;  When they returned home, Lao Tzu
 told his old friend," you haven't brought this one with  us.since as he talking a lot."
      There was nothing to say, there was only to enjoy .. and feel with gratitude then what to do about talking about it? What to discuss about it?
      This little story speaks and says a lot about silence.

  How much do we talk in vain?

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     We speak 98% nonsense in a day which has no meaning that no situation is going to change by saying. Everything is the same whether we say it or not, we only speak for the sake of speaking.  How many people around us speak with the feeling that if he or she doesn't say anything, how will the other person feel ..?
      The fact is that the person in front is more likely to be offended by what you say, If silence can't make anyone happy it never be a reason for someone's hurting.
    There is some reason why someone should say, "When I think of what I have said, I thought..how lucky dumb are."
    Think about it...how people who think you are arrogant by not speaking will understand your words .... ???

Mahabharta: A huge example of Speck And Silence 

   We are talking about meaningless speech here at a time when it is necessary to speak what needs to be said ... In the 

Mahabharta at the time of Draupadi's chirharana, Vikarna only spoke.  Even though he did not change, anything by his words.. he spoke and presented his point..this cannot be said that he spoke meaningless or spoke unnecessarily .. !!!

 Because you know that you have to use words to show... what is going wrong...?? Even if the situation changes but you are not on the side of untruth, it is necessary to present ... What Vikarna said is also noted in the Puranas.   

Speaking the truth or dear?

Speak or silence 

       It is very difficult to speak .., to speak the truth, and to speak what seems dear... You tell the truth and it is very difficult to speak so that the person in front does not get angry.  Gandhiji such
  ‘Beloved’ was in favor of speaking.  Just a little bit bitter, but there is no answer of truth... !!
       There is a bit of bitterness pour in our ears when someone speaks the truth, but speaking the truth is never meaningless. When your presentation is on the side of truth, your words carry weight, your intentions are strong, silence has many benefits This does not mean that you should be excluded from speaking the truth. We discuss meaningless words. How much we speak in a day that burdens us. Not only the person in front of you but also the creation rejects your unnecessary words.  It is harder to be silent than to speak.
    It is difficult to balance the tongue and the brain together.  The choice of words is very important even when speaking.  It is said in Sanskrit that 
*Shabdabrahma* speaks with specially selected words, speaks the truth, and speaks on time, except are really means much.  If your talk is not impressive, you do not need a presentation, it is totally inappropriate to speak only the evidence of your presence there ...
    Nowadays technology has created a great feature in a webinar where host or organizer can mute the members as per their choice.  If we press the mute button with ourselves, then it is necessary to go up to "Automatically Silent Mode" where there is no need to speak. This is necessary to preserve the value of words, maintaining the dignity of words is also a kind of "Saraswati honor".

     We miss a lot by speaking meaninglessly. The space between the two words also says something, which we do not understand.  To understand the gestures of nature, one has to learn the language of silence. And thus the power of unspoken words is greater than the power of spoken words.  A meaning full science is always better than a meaningless word... 

silence has power 

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