An Engineer's job application for the post of maid

    An Engineer's job application for the post of maid


    The way the country is fighting against COVID-19 i.e. Because of corona we are really facing a very hard time. It is indeed a commendable step for our Prime Minister to take a humane approach when all the countries of the world are concerned about the economy. But in these circumstances when we, especially working women are getting more 'me time'. and I am afraid that despite being in love myself self I will hate myself much after this corona time ends. That's why when I was bored with surfing the internet for 24 hours, the video of Katrina Kaif taking out the trash and rubbing the mess came to my mind. Came to mind. Realizing that this was the only opportunity, I wrote her a job application:   

COVID 19 epidemic 

Dear Madam,
    After watching your viral video, in which you are busy making your home clean. and in this corona time, you are not able to find a maid. plus nobody can come to meet you. so I thought this is the only opportunity where an engineer can help. so I am writing this e-mail to you.  

    However, it is a bit of a surprise to get Bai's application by email. However, this is also the first time I have filed such an application. Since my qualification is of an engineer, it is only fair for me to apply by email.
    No, no you don't worry about my engineering salary. As I am not charging much. actually, I can accept more, because I am not worth it. To be honest, I can't keep it. But I assure you that you will never have any complaints about my work.
    My technical knowledge like we transform the analog signal to digital signal, in the same way, I will make your fair and dirty clothes good, neat, and clean cloth. Besides, the latest being informed about fashion and trend, but mostly I also can give you instructions to make your wardrobe more attractive. well, if you wish I can also design clothes for you. you know engineers are always multi-talented.   

    I am aware of your relationship states. I am an experienced person in this too! As in the hostel I used to wake up overnight and give thousands of rupees relationship advice in free. and because of my advice, many of my friends are today totally settled down. So I can probably help you with this matter more than your secretary or even your sister.
Just as we can summarize knowledge of almost all subjects at the same time during VAYVA and at deadlines, in the same way, I will be able to complete all your work in such a way that you do not feel anything is missing. 
    Engineers are the jack of all fields just leaving their own field. so I will also be able to make your good videos,  edit it, upload, and write a cheesy caption.  
    It will happen to you that in the application for this Bai, all the work has been done except the work to be done by Bai, so don't worry, I will do that work very comfortably. We will use maximum disposable utensils for the way you talked about saving water in the video. despite the cleaning house by a mop, we would have one technical idea to manage that work. Doing other work is a no - brainer for a multi-talented and multi-tasker engineer like us.
So with this, I look forward to your positive reply.
Engineer Bai.                        
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Haha . Have u got reply?

Congrats bro Travel crazy couple you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...

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