dr. jekyll and mr. hyde

dr. Jekyll and Mr. hyde

Jekyll & Hyde - A wonderful story of struggle

       The works of world literature have been blessed with a variety of subjects. One of the best works, especially in the field of novels, is given by English literature. Works that are centered on human beings are usually the ones that touch us the most. Today we are talking about work that has human beings at its center. It’s about our conflicting covers. We can love one person more than life but do not hesitate to take another person's life. We are tempted to get something when we don't even pay attention to it. The translator also writes in the preface that 'our struggle is as old as our very existence.'
          The theory of relativity may have existed in the twentieth century, but it has existed since time immemorial. From a single point, the element within us is constant or untrue can be determined. The same thing is in Jekyll & Hyde. Its original author is the distinguished Robert Louis Stevens. Whose works have been translated into 6 languages ​​of the world? Sadhana Nayak Desai has presented this work to us through Felix Publications.

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Characters: Jekyll & Hyde

    Characters like Dr. Jekyll and Hyde are said to be the day of the writer's dreams. This short story is based on his personal experience. In this way, nothing happens in this novel, but when Fox is kept from the other side, a lot happens. In the six months since the book was published in 1886, 40,000 copies have been sold, and more than one picture has come out of the book.

The novel is furthered by rare characters such as Dr. Jekyll's nephew Hyde, Dr. Jekyll's friend Advocate Peterson, and his servants. The final word is advanced by Advocate Peterson. The price that Peterson feels is that every reader feels a price reading. There is also the experience of being a science fiction somewhere.


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    The more the prestige grows, the more the bond grows, the more the formality grows. High standards remain a snare around our necks. Bollywood celebrity or cricket star can't eat panipuri on the road like me or you. In one corner of the human mind, there is a tendency to break the rules, to do whatever comes to mind, to ignore the law, but it cannot come out. The struggle of how it causes havoc when it doesn't come out is seen here in the character of Dr. Jekyll.

        We are good, we have moral values, we respect people because at the root of it are some laws of the country and society but at the root, we are living in the forest, we are not interested in bondage. This is mysteriously presented here by the character of Dr. Jekyll. However, the way this mystery is revealed is not acceptable to the reader but Dr. The mental battle of Jekyll and Hyde is worth watching. If the author could have presented the whole thing differently, it would have been more fun, but we should not forget that the technique presented is one and a half hundred years ago.
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