Priyanka Kher : A Gifted Artist

Priyanka Kher: A Gifted artist 

Priyanka Kher an artist.

    Priyanka Kher, the name has become very popular among Gujarati music lovers in recent times, Gujarati folk culture and Gauri Vrat have been revived through her youtube video 'Gorma'.After watching this video, it seems as if our daughter has celebrated the same, and this event is being celebrated in our house.

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    Who is Priyanka?


    Priyanka Kher is a native of Pachham in Dhandhuka of Ahmedabad district.  This area is a part of Bhal region. Folk culture is still preserved here in its original form. The eloquence and simplicity of Priyanka's voice is her identity.  It is also a good thing to present Gujarati folk music with such simplicity.

Priyanka And Music

Old memories 
    Priyanka inherited music from her parents.  Both parents sang Gujarati bhajans beautifully, they were not professional but devotional. This spirituality is also inherited by Priyanka and she says that she has a lot of faith in Amba ma and Swaminarayan Bhagwan.
    Introducing how her voice was first identified, Priyanka recalls her childhood.  When she was six years old and in first grade, the teacher asked him to sing a bhajan at a Saturday meeting.  Priyanka's sister taught her one famous Gujarati bhajan about God Shiva

     When this bhajan was completed, the thunderous applause heard by the six-year-old girl is the result of today's Priyanka ... !!! Priyanka says that in recess when all the children were playing and having fun, I had to sit next to the school music teacher and prepare a bhajan.  There was no understanding at the time that this training on the harmonium was really a rehearsal.  

     After completing her studies up to standard 10 in her village, she went to study in Gandhinagar. She was a science student and science students at the school were not allowed to participate in the arts but when the school teachers heard Priyanka's voice playing antakhati in the classroom, they were allowed to participate in the art festival.  A gifted student, Priyanka has done engineering at Changa University.  In addition to her studies in college, she has worked in drama, fashion shows, and anchoring.
    Priyanka says that in her hometown, she only listened to folk music, easy music, and Hindi film songs.  Variety found..., in urban culture. While working as a lecturer in GIT College, Gandhinagar, he received training in Indian classical music.  He participated in many different events as a professional artist in Ahmedabad.  Such as corporate events, wedding events, cultural festivals, Navratri ... as well as anchoring and also for in many competitions.

Priyanka Kher's live performance 


    Priyanka @ U.S.A 

Live performance @ California 

    Priyanka Kher arrived in the US in August 2015. She sent her recordings in Ahmedabad to various US communities and bands. They liked Priyanka's voice and her creativity.  And from there a new journey of Priyanka's life started.  Priyanka has performed in almost all the states of the country.  Canada, Chicago, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Virginia, California, Mississippi,.  They have given performances in all these places.  She has formed her own leading band for new artistic performances in music.  She also runs a company called "PK Media and Entertainment" under her own name, which produces music albums, short films, and aids.  And She still remembers the films he watched while sitting with eight to ten people in Phalia culture when DTH was not there. She also wants to make a big film in the future through her company.

Classical performance 

  Priyanka is a native being living abroad.  She says that we should never give up our Indianness and Gujaratiness.
Priyanka is multi-talented.  She can also create very good lyrics.  She wants to do more performances on the song she wrote in the future.

    Gorma : A beautiful and meaningful song.

Beautiful cover of Gorma

             Now let's talk about Gorma's album which has not been viewed for 50 thousand and more.


          In Saurashtra, it is also called Gaurivrat or Morakat for little girls to fast Gorma in the month of Ashadh.  In this vrat, they make gorma at home which is decorated with jawara and nagla.There should be no pomp but simplicity and beauty.

    This song is based on the worship of Gori Vrat.  The song, sung by Usha Mangeshkar in the original "Sonbai ni Chundi" and composed by Avinash Vyas.  The videography is also very beautiful.  I like to listen to this song and also like to watch it.  The song is also available on Priyanka Kher's youtube channel .., Gana .., Sawan for Five .., Apple Music, and Amazon Music.  Priyanka says that after the release of this song and video, Gujaratis living in different countries of the world have been given a very good compliment. Priyanka has become famous for the song.   Bt there are some more like Shaymli., 

Official poster of Gorma
     'Morpinch ne manu shyam nu sarnaamu'. Sapna na vavetar., Gujarati n Hindi mash-ups are also very catchy. They are also active on install.  
        A melodious Gujarati song that every Gujarati should enjoy and listen to.
          Priyanka Ji keeps giving such new compositions to Gujarati music .... !!!

Music Performance 


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