Seek Advice Of Ayurveda Experts For CORONA Medications

Seek Advice Of Ayurveda Experts For CORONA Medications

Take Ayurveda medicines of Corona after doctor's advice:

Always seek medical advice, Stop self medications.

            Its been 8-9 months since COVID19 invaded our country. The whole world is fighting together because of COVID19 infraction. The corona, which is under control in some places, has become uncontrollable in many places. New Hot spots are coming in radar every day. It has become an atmosphere of fear for everyone as death rates are going higher. Everyone is living under a hidden fear. Along with this, people are also going out for their work to run a livelihood. Some people are walking fearlessly, and some people do not even see the courtyard of the house by fear.

         Experts have told many remedies from the beginning of COVID19 to control covid19 infection through Ayurveda. Guidelines have also been issued by the Ayush Department for how to consume the instructions of this Ayurveda medicines. As people came to know that corona can be avoided by Ayurveda medication,  various medicines of Ayurveda have been loudly propagated everywhere from social media to print media. In these days, people's reverence for Ayurveda has become stronger. As an Ayurveda doctor, I realized that more and more people are adopting various Ayurveda remedies and therapies these days.


    But fear is something that compels us to go to any extent. And what could be more frightening and scary than getting infected by a virus or getting an unnatural death from it or losing one's near one in the family? Due to this fear, people started adopting various treatments of Ayurveda at home without a prescription. It was good to adopt, but it is being used nowadays to a greater extent. Everyone is sitting on social media like a doctor of Ayurveda. Everybody is forwarding various Ayurveda homemade remedies and filling the inbox.

Ayurveda Herb

    People say that consuming Ayurvedic medicines do not have their side effects. I must have spoken on my Facebook page and on my website about the side effect of self medications. It's based on how you are taking medicines. Medicines of Ayurveda also have a side effect if they are taken more or less than their actual dosages or taken without consulting a qualified doctor.

Ayurveda Homemade Remedies

    Due to COVID19, people started adopting more and more Ayurveda remedies to avoid Corona's infection. It is as if a race to increase immunity power has started. Herns which are hot in nature like turmeric, black pepper, basil can control cold and bring phlegm in control, it was said in the guideline by the Ayush department of India. People have started taking black pepper, ginger-dry powder, basil, etc. which are frequently found in the kitchen. Due to this, different homemade remedies of boiling or consuming all hot and hot ingredients became popular nowadays. People started consuming these very hot medicines without analyzing their own Prakruti. according to Ayurveda, Prakruti is your body constitutes. Taking these hot in nature stuff more in quantity for so many months creates disturbances in the body, Due to that many problems like acidity, colitis, colic pain, headache, vomiting, hair fall, skin disorder have started coming up. Many people have started feeling dizzy, headache, etc. due to sniffing the powder of dry ginger and keeping it in the mouth. The problem related to menstruation has increased to many women due to the consumption of hot herbs. As turmeric has broken all the records. We eat four to five times more turmeric in the last 5 months than the turmeric we eat throughout the whole year. And still, its demand remains intact like never before.

Milk With Turmeric

        Whether turmeric or basil or dry ginger or any other herbs will give medicinal properties only when it is said by a qualified doctor of Ayurveda. When it is instructed by an authentic Ayurvedic physician, the logic behind the actions of herbs will be different than its regular uses.  Herbs which are hot in nature do not show the same results to everyone. The amount of herbs is advised by keeping in mind the various factors such as age, environment, nature, gender, etc. of the person. People have never tried to know the authenticity of remedies which are circulation on social media. People adopted the recipe without knowing their authenticity. Herbs which are hot in nature can control infection, but their quantity will vary from body to body, won't they! And then, upset with the adverse consequences of adopting them without consulting qualified Ayurveda, people started cursing Ayurveda...! Due to a lack of desired results, the faith of people in Ayurveda began to falter.                   

         To be fair, people have no faith in such Ayurveda, which is eternal, fully developed, and perfect for thousands of years. Their faith and fear behind adopting Ayurveda are ahead of their "blindly follow" habit! As soon as the name of Ayurveda comes, people start adopting them blindly. Nowadays, every third person has become an Ayurveda doctor on social media without any experience, they are imposing new homemade remedies and treatments on people in the name of True and ultimate Ayurveda. People want to be cured with Ayurveda remedies, but for that, people are adopting the tips which they are reading on social media and print media. People do not tend to adopt Ayurveda's incorrect manner. People have started taking medicines on their own because they don't want to pay consulting fees to Ayurveda doctor. 

           Many medical stores have also taken advantage of the opportunity in this COIVD19 era and are selling Ayurveda medicines to the people without prescriptions. Also telling their desired dose on their own too. Medicines will show proper effect only if consumed in actual dosages. The body was not used to abt such herb for so long, suddenly a lot of quantity will go into the body, even then how will the body be able to adjust it. No matter how good that herb is, it is necessary to use it slowly with advice.

       The same thing has happened about yoga - pranayama and exercise. Yoga is an integral part of Ayurveda. Nowadays, on TV / social media, there are so many yoga teachers and they are making their own different yoga practices and selling them like chocolate. People are following them without knowing the authenticity of the institute. Although Yoga is a science, its method and main ideology are the same, then how its different methods came into existence will be a matter of debate. But I am a witness in my routine OPD that, many patients have not adopted yoga pranayama at all despite being told to do the yoga practice in a very easy manner. And now suddenly they are doing the practice of Yoa and Exercise excessively. Before doing any exercise or yoga, one has to do stretching and Sukhsm Kriya, so that muscles can get used to a new routine. There are a proper method and rules for exercising and adopting yoga-pranayama. what will be the result of suddenly indulging in heavy breathing exercises? Anyway, do you know, not all yoga or pranayama or workout is made for everyone. But without knowing its rules, they are a lot of problems by doing bumpy yoga or exercising or pranayama. And then if anything undesired happed, they start blaming the whole system!

            Many times it happened that, when we Ayurveda doctors requested people not to adopt wrong methods or wrong prescriptions in this way, then people have said that the doctor has been wrong. And said that maybe doctors want to give more expensive medicines, that's why they are opposing our old prescriptions and medicines ....!

            Ayurveda science does not become bad or unimpressive at all due to the adverse results from the wrong prescriptions. Ayurveda doctors are not wrong if he is saying not to adopt wrong homemade remedies. If you are consuming Ayurveda medicines without seeking advice from experts then it is your irresponsibility and misfortune.

Ayurveda Medicines

               Points to understand :

  • Always seek advice from qualified Ayurveda physicians. Consult them for your routine problem.
  • An Ayurveda Physician can be your family Physician.
  • Don't follow any remedies from social media without the opinion of experts. 
  • Any medicines must be taken only after the prescription of doctors.
  • Ayurveda medicines have side effects, stop self-medicating them.
  • Homemade remedies are part of Ayurveda, it can give your relief up to some extent but they are are not complete Ayurveda treatment.
  • Don't consume any homemade remedies without knowing your body constitutes. 
  • Purchasing medicines directly from medical stores may put you in health trouble. 

  • Yoga and Exercise must be part of the daily regime. But in the initial stage, it must be performed by the advice of experts.
  • Any Yoga posture or Excercise must be performed according to its rules and individual's need for a body.
  • Ayurveda is a vast science. If one didn't get the desired result that doesn't mean whole science is not good at it. One must take a second opinion too.
  • There is no such "magical herb or Remedy". Don't consume one particular medicine in excessive doses without the advise of Ayurveda experts.

            Have you ever gone to a blacksmith for jewelry? We only go to the goldsmith to make jewels, do we not? Then why are we choosing the wrong direction by adopting unauthentic remedies to protect our invaluable health? Choose the right direction, and you will definitely find your destination.

            Master Stroke: If your doctor prescribes you medication without first asking about your diet, sleep - exercise routine, water consumption, whether you have any structural issue or stress in life,,,, then you got a doctor. What you have is a drug dealer…!

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