Sharad Poornima : Elixirs of the Health

 Sharad Poornima : Elixirs of the Health

The Sharad Poornima or Kojaagari Poornima or Kumar Poornima is a harvest festival celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin (September–October mostly). It marks the end of the monsoon. There is a traditional celebration of the full moon and is also called the 'Kaumudi celebration', Kaumudi meaning moonlight.

sharad Poornima

Importance of Sharad Poornima According to Indian Mythology:

          At Sharad poornima night, goddess Lakshmi is worshiped and night vigil is observed. According to a folk-tale, once a king fell on evil days and was in great financial straits, but then the queen observed this fast and worshiped the goddess of wealth, Laxmi. Consequently, they were blessed by the goddess and they regained their prosperity.

In Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna Says:

पुष्णामि चौषधीः सर्वाः सोमो भूत्वा रसात्मकः।। 
अर्थात : ' रसस्वरूप अर्थात् अमृतमय चन्द्रमा होकर सम्पूर्ण औषधियों को अर्थात् वनस्पतियों को मैं पुष्ट करता हूँ।'  ( भगवद गीताः15.13 )

          Lord Krishna also performed Ras-Leela on Sharad Purnima. Such Ras-Leelas are organized on the night of Sharad Poornima at many places in India including Mathura-Vrindavan. Therefore the night is celebrated as the night of love too.

It is believed that on the night of the autumn full moon, Lord Shakar and mother Parvati rejoice on Mount Kailash and the moon shine on the entire Mount Kailash.

People also keep fast on Sharad Purnima, and in the scriptures it is also called Kaumudi (moonlight) fast. In Orissa, it is also known as the Kumar Purnima festival.

It is said that the King of Lanka- Ravana used to receive the rays of an autumn full moon on his navel through a mirror. This process gave him regenerative power.

Astrologers say that Due to Somachakra, Nakshatriya Chakra, and Ashvin  triangle, energy is collected from autumn and restrained in spring.

The reason behind Observing Full Moon:

On the night of Sharad Poornima, the moon, and the earth are very close to each other. It is to believe that the moon rays have certain healing properties of nourishing the body and the soul. According to Ayurveda, due to the cooling of the moon, pitta dosha gets balanced. So on this moon night between 10 and 12 midnight observing moon is very important as divine and healer rays of moon can be absorbed by the body.

How to make ‘Doodh Poha Khir’ Recipe on Sharad Poornima :


2 Cups Thick Poha, 3 Cups Cow's Milk, 4-6 tablespoon Sugar - Mishri, 1 Tabelspoom Cardamom Powder, 1/4th teaspoon Nutmeg powder, 1/2 teaspoon Crushed Kesar or saffron Strands, 1/3 Cup Mixed Dry Fruits (almonds, Pista and Raisins).

An excessive amount of Kesar and Dry fruits can create digestive problems. so add them in very minute quantity. 

Method of Doodh Poha Khir:

·       Heat the cow’s milk in a heavy-bottomed pan on a low flame, add in the sugar- Mishri and stir constantly. If possible one can take a bowl of Silver to prepare the dish. Let it simmer and come to boil twice, this should take about 10-15 minutes. Do not increase the flame, be patient and boil on low flame or you will burn the milk.

·       Add the saffron (kesar) and nutmeg to the milk.

·       Mix well.

·       About 2 minutes before switching off the burner, add in the poha (rice flakes), chopped dry fruits and raisins (whole) along with the cardamom powder.

·       Allow resting till it comes to room temperature.

·       Do not refrigerate it.

·       Cover the cooled pudding bowl with a thin cotton cloth and keep it under the moonlight. So that milk can absorb moon rays effectively. Keep it for 2-3 hours or more. And then consume it under the moonlight.


Sharad Poornima Khir

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The scientific reason behind Eating Rice Flakes ( Poha )and Milk on Sharad Poornima :

According to modern studies, milk contains lactic acid. This element absorbs more energy from moon rays. Due to the presence of starch in rice, this process of absorbing energy becomes easier. This is the reason why sages have legislated to keep kheer in the open sky on the night of Sharad Poornima.

This dish ‘Doodh Poha kheer’ enriched by the rays of the moon for two and a half to three hours pacifies pitta, is cool in effect and sattvic. Moreover, it proves beneficial in pacifying the mind and keeping the body healthy throughout the year. The mind attains peace through it and it cures the diseases caused by aggravated pitta.


An Ayurvedic reason behind consuming rice flakes with cool milk on this night:

Sharad ritu (season) consists of two months of overlapping seasons when the summer is about to end and the winter slowly starts. During Sharad Ritu the days are warm and nights start to become cooler. This is the perfect season for aggravation of Pitta along with the other two doshas, Kapha and Vayu. Consuming rice flakes with milk during night time is a good remedy to pacify pitta.

What to do on the night of Sharad Poornima :

On this night make sure that you look with a fixed gaze at the moon for fifteen minutes. Blink your eyes for about 30-60 seconds. Take benefit of the moon rays for at least fifteen minutes; even more, would not be harmful.

          Thereafter spread out an asana made of any material which is a non-conductor of electricity, either on the roof or on the ground. You can even lie down while looking at the moon if you wish. With each inhalation chant Om mentally with the divine feelings and feel peace at your inner self. You will be greatly benefited by doing this.

          Those who want to improve eyesight should try to thread a needle on the night of Sharad Purnima.

Those who suffer from asthma should consume Ayurveda medicines to cure during this time. You can consult an Ayurveda doctor for these treatments.

in the night of Sharad Poonam, meditation, Chandra vihar (walking under the moon), Garba dance ( Navratri ), bhajan, Satsang-kirtan, Chandra-darshan, etc. are extremely beneficial for physical as well as mental health.

Remember, The night awakening is good, but it should be considered till 12 o'clock or even earlier. Tridosha can be disturbed by more awakening at night, which worsens health.

          May these heavenly divine rays of the Moon of Sharad Poornima give u all a healthy life ahead.

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