The secret behind successful dialogue of Scam 1992

The secret behind successful dialogue of Scam 1992   

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 The journey of Karan Vyas 

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     Today we will talk about the dialogue writer of the 'Scam 1992' web series, Mr. Karan Vyas. In his own words, we will talk about the journey behind 'Scam 1992' and what are the reasons behind the success of this web series.

    Karan is a pass out from Los Angeles Film School. Karan directed the short film 'Sultan' as a thesis project of the same school. When he came to India. He does a little work in the marketing department of urban gujrati picture.

    After that, the film industry is in Mumbai he went there but there is not much success there which is why he came back to Gujarat and here he joined Mikhil Musale. After 'Wrong Side Raju's works as  dialogue writer, his streak of success begins. After Wrong Side Raju receives the National Award, Karan turns to Hindi pictures and works with Mikhil Musale as a project assistant director in Made in China. Even in a Gujarati picture called Ventilator, he gets applause for nice dialogue

Scam 1992 & Karan


    If we talk about the just released scam 1992, Sumit Purohit's phone rings. And Mr. Hansal Mehta, the director of the web series, calls to meet him for ten minutes but this meeting lasts for three hours and he gets involved with this Harshad Mehta's story.

    Hansal Mehta initially asks Karan to write dialogue for two episodes. It takes about a month to write the dialogues of this episode within which the character of each character in the opening episode has to be evoked. The episode writes very patiently. In the meantime, the research team has done a lot of good research, so Karan needs to do justice to that research.

    To revive the character of Harshad Mehta, known as Bachchan of the Bombay Stock Exchange, the research team met his friends, met the officers who were there at the time, followed by about 300 speaking characters from different provinces. Also, the task of giving a 500-page script and characters was a challenge.

    Behind The scene 

    The hardest part of the series was to make it easy for people to understand the language of the stock market and the way it works. Similarly, it was difficult to write dialogues of money market scenes. Karan himself admits that before this Karan himself was unfamiliar with the world of stock exchanges.

    Harshad was to be shown as a smart Gujarati as well as everyone here was to be shown the hero of his story. There is no villain, everyone has a philosophy, vocabulary, and everyone had a story of their own. Harshad's character is portrayed in such a way that Harshad's philosophy takes a strong seat in his dialogue. Other characters often seem to be real-world characters.

    Karan himself admits that the most famous dialogue of this web series 'Risk Hai To Ishq Hai' is not Karan's dialogue but this dialogue was once or twice in the entire web series due to which this dialogue has reached more and more people.

    After four months of writing, a little bit of editing work is going on. There is a lot of use of proverbs in the whole series that Karan and his family don't like the dialogue that comes from Karan for Idea. In addition to this, in the web series, 1990 Bombay is shown and the places are shown. The names of the characters are mostly the same, but the same reason is shown that Mehta had a Lexus car.

   So you also visit sony liv, watch 'scam 1992' and write your dialogues comment and let us know.

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The recent arrival of Scam 1992 based on Harshad Mehta has left everyone speechless. The cast depicting the fraud of 1992 has clearly marked its place in the industry. The launched Sony Liv Series not only talks about the scandal but shares the story of a middle class man who doesn’t want to live a mediocre life and believes in himself. Read - SCAM 1992 - Risk Hai to Ishq Hai


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