Corona Vaccine: Everything You Want To Know About

 Corona Vaccine: Everything You Want to Know About

Corona vaccine

        We had not even heard the name of Corona until about a year ago. But in the last year, everyone was familiar with this name, from the child to the old man. Due to Covid19, many people suddenly started falling ill. Common diseases of respiratory problems like cough-cold and fever etc. were becoming life-threatening. Suddenly a scary atmosphere was created in the whole world. Everyone was afraid of going out and the fear of being infected gripped us so badly. Many people were not going out due to fear. Corona did not affect them, but due to fear they surely got a mental illness.

Gradually, doctors and scientists gathered all information about the coronavirus and tried their best for its treatment and vaccine. Now in the year 2021, Vaccine has also come on the market. In the meantime, so much fake news has started coming up on newspapers and news channels about the side effects of the Corona vaccine. More than Corona infection, its vaccine is being discussed nowadays. The whole world is setting its hopes on the vaccine. Meanwhile, now people are afraid of the Corona vaccine too.

Vaccination has also started in India. When I'm writing this, it has been about a week since the Corona-vaccine program started. Now people are in dilemma due to fear. Even at the clinic, my patients are asking the same thing whether they should take the vaccine or not? If you do not take the vaccine then there is a fear of infection and if you take the vaccine there is a fear of a side effect.

Let us know some questions related to vaccine and their answers, which will clear all your doubts.

1.  What is the Vaccine?

- Vaccine is a liquid made of organic matter which has the ability to destroy microorganisms. From birth, vaccines are applied to protect against the various types of disease. We have all been vaccinated like polio, tetanus, measles, hepatitis, etc. Under national vaccination programs, we have eradicated many diseases including polio in India. The vaccine increases the body's immune power for the prevention of the diseases. Vaccine not only keeps the disease under control but also prevents the disease from spreading too.

2. Which was the first Vaccine in human history?

- In 1796, Dr. Edward Jenner invented the smallpox vaccine. It is the first vaccine invented. The rabies vaccine was then invented by the French scientist Louis Pasteur. This was the beginning of a new chapter in the medical world, saving humanity from the disease crisis in the medical world.

3. How was the corona Vaccine prepared in a short time?

-  As the corona outbreak grew across the world, all the doctors from all over the country and abroad started searching for vaccines. There are many aspects of Vaccine development right from the study of new bacterial cells to research, side effects, and trials. Producing a vaccine is a complex practice. Many years have passed since making the vaccine. But in this era of the Corona epidemic, we needed Vaccines very soon. In less than a year, all aspects of preparation have been taken care and as a result of scientists' relentless effort, Corona's vaccine is ready. 

4. How does the vaccine work?

It is said in Ayurveda: "

विषस्य विषम औषधम ।- That means poison kills poison.

- Vaccine is also made on this basis. The biological liquid of inactive(half-dead) bacteria is prepared. This liquid/vaccine is injected into the body.

- The organic matter of Vaccine goes into the body and activates the body's immune system. Our bodies create antibodies to protect the body from the poison of viruses / the pathogenic bacteria. 

- In this way, A protective shield is provided to our body by a soldier named Antibody against virus attacks. For this reason, even when the body comes under the influence of infection, our body destroys that toxin immediately, and the disease does not increase in our body.

5. Which Corona Vaccine available in India?

- When I'm writing this (in January 2021), the Government of India has issued 2 Corona vaccines. The names are Covishield and Covaxin.

You can take either of these vaccines. It is given in two doses as an intramuscular injection. The first dose is of 0.5 ml. and the second dosage is given after 28 days.

6. What are the side effects of corona Vaccine?

- It is not possible for everyone to get the side effects of taking a Vaccine. According to the ICMR (Indian Medical Research Council) some are likely to have mild side effects.

According to the data, as of January 18, 4,81000 people have been given Corona Vexin and out of them only about 580 people, about 0.2% have been found to have side effects. These side effects are minor symptoms like mild fever, sore throat, which have gone away on their own. Corona Vaccine has also come to us through strict trials. Therefore it is safe to take the Corona Vexin vaccine.

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7. Why do you see the side effects of Corona Vaccine?

- Whether it is the vaccine of Corona or any other, unexpected symptoms/ side effects are likely to come. It is called Adverse Effects Following Immunization (AEFI) in Medical Language. These symptoms/side effects can be mild, severe, or very serious.

- For AEFI, scientists have developed a protocol. Scientific ideas and solutions for its solution are prepared on every serious possibility. This provision has also been made for Corona's vaccine. Under which the doctors and staff at the vaccination center are trained in that way particularly. Under this protocol, after giving the vaccine, the person is asked to stay at the center for a few minutes so that the symptoms of side effects can be examined.

The person taking the vaccine will also be provided with the emergency number and vaccine card. So if there is any problem after going home, then a person can contact the doctor/health-worker too. 

Corona Vaccination

8. Who can take Corona Vaccine?

- Corona vaccine can be taken by people older than 18 years. Corona vaccine is not to be given to people under 18 years old.

- Pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding their baby, do not take this vaccine.

- The person who has covid positive reports is not to be taken the vaccine. But those who have recovered completely from corona infection can take corona vaccine.

- Corona infected patients who have recently taken Antibondi / Plasma therapy cannot take the vaccine.

- if you have any treatment due to some disease or you are hospitalized, do not take this corona vaccine now.

- People who are suffering from Kidney disease, heart disease, cancer, lung problems, etc can take the vaccine of Corona only after proper consulting their respective doctors.

- If there is a reaction with another vaccine or injection, or if there is a reaction from any drugs, It is advisable to consult the doctor if before vaccination of Corona.

9. What is a Co-Win App?

People of India can apply for vaccination through the Kovin app.

- Co-Win Ap is the digital platform of the program "Kovid - 19 Vaccinations". Through this app, a record-database of the information of vaccines will be maintained.

- Currently, this application is not available on any app store. In the initial phase, after the vaccination of health workers and frontline workers, the common people will be available for registration.

- After self-registration on this app, registration approval information will be given on your mobile number. And after that, the place, date, and time of giving the vaccine will be found.

- It has been informed by the Indian Ministry of Health that fake versions of this app are showing in the market, which should not be downloaded. The Co-Win App will be launched soon and its official information will also be given.

10. Will wearing a mask is necessary even after vaccination?

- Vaccine starts functioning effectively after 7-15 days of taking in the body. According to the various trial of vaccines, it can be effective from the ratio between 65-80%. So there is some chance of infection may occur.

Apart from this, many people are waiting to get vaccinated and they can spread the infection till they are immunized.

“ सर्वे संतु निरामय: ।“ means: "May all be healthy" is written on the box of Vaccine of India. We must understand that we must put our maximum efforts to eradicate this pandemic. For this, we need to learn some facts from last year. You can read the detailed article about it here: 

- So we will not get rid of masks or sanitizers as soon as we want. But to eradicate the corona completely, Make sure to use masks to protect yourself, maintain social distances, and maintain hygiene using sanitizers. 

Master Stroke:

Today, when we have developed our vaccine, the world is looking at India with hope. As our immunization campaign progresses, other countries of the world will benefit from it. India's vaccine and our production capacity should be used for human interest, this is our commitment. - Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

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